Welcome to the space where you can find everything for your time in Start it @KBC

We say that we do "Business as unusual" because you will struggle to find many accelerator like us - we don't take fees, we don't take equity, we don't expect you to become clients of our partners. Our unique startup accelerator is mission driven, working to support you in your passion and story. Welcome!

If we have missed adding any useful information into here, please let us know by emailing info@startit.be. So, what is in Wikiflow?

1) Click on "Community" above, and you can find all the entrepreneurs of Wave 2, 2020, and all of the mentors and experts. Use the filters to find people who you would like to talk to and you can drop them a Message in Wikiflow. You can ask your Community Manager for recommendations of who to connect with.

2) From the orange box in the top right, you can find events that you have registered for, and all the events available. When you look at your calendar, you can switch between the view of All Events, and My Events.

3) Go to Publications to find helpful URL links to GAN, our Facebook group, and how to book meeting rooms with Zapfloor.

4) If you want to visit the hubs and need details like opening hours or the wifi, go to your own profile and click on Document Library, and you will see the file for each hub.

An important note - we are not a part of KBC - we are Start it @KBC VZW.

This makes all the difference. We are like you - a business that has a board that helps us to set and meet these goals (made up of representatives from our Strategic Partners) and like you we have to do sales to keep the business going each year.

Our Strategic Partners and Partners fund the programme - in return they get:

  1. invitations to events where they learn about the latest innovations and trends in their sector (or sectors that affect their business)
  2. when their staff come to mentor and deliver workshops, they also learn and become smarter in the ways of lean working and spending, new business models, and more
  3. they are mostly B2B, so sometimes they will ask founders to test their own latest innovations (no obligation here)
  4. they are keen to find great partnerships to go to market with growing startups
  5. and together we publish content about what we learn when supporting startups and through this, their business maintains a strong reputation for being the head of the game in innovation.

If you are interested in learning more just ask - maybe you will learn a few tricks for your own corporate sales.

If you know a business keen to benefit from some of this learning, testing and public image, jim@startit.be is the person to talk with. As we will help you for free with introductions, you can help ensure that this programme remains for the long term via such intros.